ricardito08 - Custom level - Apr 12, 2014 from Android
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First level to get you started.

Ok so here is the way my "Angry Rhinos" levels work.
Play around and publish your levels !

Welcome to Create Your Own Angry Rhinos Level !
It is really easy, just activate the catapult here with the RC Micro.

To create your level, create a wooden structure and put Land Mines for Red Rhinos and Tiltmeter connected to auto-absorbers for Green Rhinos ( you can copy/paste it with the Multi-Select tool ). All the rest is automatic.

If you want the level starts immediatly without activate the catapult, just put a "jumper" instead of the RC Micro.
Now, the future of Angry Rhinos is in your hands !

Check it at : [url:t76xiyxl][/url:t76xiyxl]

Level created with now gravity

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