Amphibious BTR-80

LauttaSam - Custom level - Nov 9, 2016 from Android
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So, here is my new, finished project. I decided to make my favorite vehicle from BeamNG Drive to Principia.

A historious Soviet vehicle that was almost unstoppable in any conditions. It was used to transport soldiers in numerous conflicts and peacekeeping missions.

As it is said in the title, it is amphibious so it can also travel on water. BTR comes from 'Bronetransporter'.

BTR-80 is still being made in Russia.

Weight: 13.6 tons
260 hv
190 kW
It can carry up to 10 humans.

BTR-80 is used globally, in different countries. There are in total 5,000 of BTR-80s in use.


Slider: throttle
Top button: brake / reverse
Mid-button: turret
Bottom button: the front window shield

Update: little tweaks and fixes

(!) This level requires a powerful device to run full FPS.

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