R.I.P zardOz

Golden - Custom level - Feb 15, 2016 from Android
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Keith Tripp aka zardOz has passed away

So I decided to make this for him to not to forget him

zardOz, we forever will be miss you and shall aways remember you and your creations, and also your affections to us, rest in peace as always my old friend

This is picture of Keith Tripp aka zardOz

We would appreciate it if you like this level to put on top as everyone can see him and remember him

Credits to leo3065 for rain lua

Credits to jammer312 for fireworks lua

Special thanks to BedrockStar for asking the hardcoremapcreator to make this [url:3r4c8j6i]http://www.totaljerkface.com/happy_wheels.tjf?level_id=9210012[/url:3r4c8j6i]

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